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The current course assumes the following prerequisites:

  • The availability of an Oracle Client
  • A configured connection to an Oracle database with the HR Demo schema
  • Familiarity with Oracle SQL

SQL Developer and SQL*Plus are client programs provided by Oracle. Other 3rd party software (Quest Software's TOAD, All Around Solution's PL/SQL Developer) and open source programs can be used, but have specific options and might require some adjustments if used with this course. The free Oracle XE database can be used for this course.

File Naming Conventions

PL/SQL does not require any specific file naming conventions, so there are a number of different conventions in use. Some software (and programmers) differentiate between types of PL/SQL objects and use different extensions for each (pkg ,pkb, trg etc). For this course we will simply append .sql for all SQL and PL/SQL files.