Viewing Trigger Metadata

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Viewing Trigger Metadata

Viewing Trigger Metadata

The Oracle Data Dictionary contains information about triggers that have been created in the database. The queries below demonstrate some of the significant views. These queries reference the USER_ views. The corresponding ALL_ and DBA_ views show triggers owned by other users (if your database user has appropriate privileges).

Code Sample:

select * 
from user_objects
where object_name='CREATION_ALERT';

select * 
from user_triggers
where trigger_name ='CREATION_ALERT';

select text
from user_source
where name = 'CREATION_ALERT';

Code Explanation

Several data dictionary views contain information about triggers that have been created. The USER_OBJECTS view contains information about the trigger that involves attributes common to other database objects and subprograms. The USER_TRIGGERS view contains trigger specific information. As with other PL/SQL objects, all of the actual source code after the CREATE keyword is available in USER_SOURCE.