How Do They Impact My Project

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How Do They Impact My Project

How Do They Impact My Project

Impact of Rules on the Project

When putting your project together, the rules should apply to each page or template placeholder in the case of a CMS (Content Management System). Although the visual and layout should be unique and full of creativity, please stay within the rules as far as compliance is concerned.

The following paragraphs were pulled directly from the site. They make a good point that even though our pages may pass a quick screening process; always try to test using an assistive web browser so you may appreciate the entire process.

Data below provided directly from the

"The main concern is that all the information and data on the site and all the functionality is barrier-free and can be used by individuals with disabilities, that is, individuals who may need to use assistive technologies () to access the information and data on the site. We need to be sure that the content on the site is available to individuals who are blind, have low vision, who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have mobility difficulties. Assistive technologies may include screen readers, refreshable Braille, voice recognition, amplification, TTY/ TDD, screen magnification, high contrast color, and all functions are available by using only the keyboard. or not using the mouse. Although you can use automated tools to generate error reports, you must also manually review all of the results. Visual checks may include:

  • Tab through the page and note if the page has a logical top-bottom, left-right flow. (In certain situations left-right, top-bottom may not be a desirable solution.)
  • Meaningful images must have appropriate alt text.
  • Test the page with JavaScript turned off to compare functionality.
  • Ensure that frames are navigable.
  • View all source code (e.g., for tables, forms, scripts, objects, browser bugs if any).

Popular Assistive Technology

Below is a list of assistive technologies and the vendor sites in which you may attain a copy. This is a partial list, there are many others to choose from.