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Webucator's Free Managing Web Design Projects Tutorial

Lesson: Roll-out

Welcome to our free Managing Web Design Projects tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Managing Web Design Projects course.

The final steps of a web project include testing and client review. It is important to place the site in a safe, secure location that uses all of the technologies you are using in order to test all functionality.

Lesson Goals

  • To set up a safe test space.
  • To set client expectations.
  • To deal with changes.

Setting Up a Safe Test Space

Creating a Testing Space

Setting up a space to test a site is important. The process of creating the test space often is referred to as a Beta Site, Dev Server, or Staging Server. If you already have a host environment, you may set up a subdirectory to store the sample site. This is a great approach as the features and functionality of the host environment are already present, and once the site runs without error, simply move the files to the main root directory.

If a host space is not available, you may need to mirror its functionality and create a local copy. Depending on your chosen technology, solutions are available to download.

The following are key features:

  • Storage space
  • Security
  • Configuration

Sample server environments for download: WAMP Server: http://www.wampserver.com/en/

Setting Client Expectations

Preparing the Client to Test the Site

The client should be set up to test the site and be aware that the test data may not fully represent the reality of the true data. Helping the client prepare the actual data can be facilitated with a guide of sorts that directs the use and intent of the site that has been developed.

This guide can be used by end users to better direct them to populate the site with content that aligns with the company's directive. If the site is not populated with good, useful information, even the best of visuals will not entice the audience to return.

Dealing with Changes

Making Changes Easy to Track

There are many options and ways to communicate these days, many of which are easy to misunderstand and misinterpret. Use of a proper process including a document trail will ensure that each request will be handled in a timely manner.

Options and Ideas

FreedCamp.com Change RequestsUsing a web-based product such as FreedCamp.com, you can set up secure, shared space in which requests may be made and files shared.