Breaking Down a Scope Statement

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Breaking Down a Scope Statement

Breaking Down a Scope Statement

Ineffective scope statements can be too broad and not detailed enough. If the statement is broken down into consumable tasks and organized in a tool such as Microsoft Project, it becomes a good road map for the project. Using Microsoft Project enables extra options such as resource and budget tracking.

Scope Statement Converted to a Project FileScope statement converted to a Microsoft Project file.

The reports and status update feature of Project make it a good tool for communication and future analysis of how a project was processed.

NOTE: If you do not have Microsoft Project, you may use a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, to enter in the task items.

Demo - Building a Microsoft Project File:

  1. Open Microsoft Project. Create a new file. File > New > Blank Project.New File in Microsoft Project
  2. Begin to enter the following list of tasks, durations, and predecessors (see table below).
  3. Save the file.
Possible tasks for the project.
Task Name Duration Predecessors
Client Needs Meeting 1 day
Create Scope Statement 3 days 1
Create the list of team assets 2 days 2
Design Research 3 days 3
Create a set of design Mock-ups 2 wks 4
Start Client Iteration Process 3 wks 5
Slice the design 3 days 6
Functionality Research 3 days 7
Build the Data Map 2 days 8
Send the data map to database Developer for Database creation 2 wks 9
Send Data Map and expectations to .net programmers 1 day 10
Combine the layout and functionality 1 wk 11
Research the host environment 1 day 12
Establish the host environment 2 days 13
Upload and test the site 2 days 14
Confirm Functionality with client 1 day 15
Alter any issues 1 wk 16
Go Live! 1 day 17