Fine Line between Creativity and Technology Limits

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Fine Line between Creativity and Technology Limits

Fine Line between Creativity and Technology Limits

Balancing Ideas with Available Technology

Ideas may be as imaginative as the individual; however, we as the designer must find a technology to create that vision keeping in mind the manner in which we will be introducing the actual content at a later time.

Choices today are to use a Static Site in which all information is hand typed into the .HTML page by the site developer. These sites are helpful if you have a small site with very little change. Static sites are very easy and inexpensive to host.

Using a Dynamic Site allows the developer to create a series of secure forms in which a nonprogrammer may enter information that is stored in a database. That information is then pulled into a design template using code. When the source updates, the page content does as well. This is referred to as a CMS (Content Management System). These sites involve more setup and are more expensive to host as there is a data component to consider as well as security.

Either solution will work; it is just a matter of resource availability and choice. Which ever you choose, make sure to keep the site on track as far as message and scope of purpose.