Best Practices

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Best Practices

Best Practices

Creating Samples

A sample mockup often has placeholders that will later be replaced with actual content. The level of detail depends on the level of "imagination" that your client has.

Basic background art gives a sense of what the general design may look like.

More detail gives a more polished impression.

Full detail leaves nothing to the imagination and is good if you have clients who struggle with placeholders.

Organization Methods

Using layers and other mechanisms, the process of organization can be easy to apply when wanting to keep track of various design versions.

Demo - Use layers and versions to keep track of design ideas:

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Open mock-up/Demos/layout_noFolders.psd.
  2. Add the layers panel by clicking on Window > Layers.
  3. Create layer folders by clicking Create a new group. Repeat as needed to house all of the elements.
  4. Move the individual layers into the layer folders by using a drag-n-drop method and label the folders to suit the contents.
  5. Click the Show/Hide symbol in front of the layer folders to see the design with or without the items in that layer folder. For example, the BG ITEMS folder. Notice that the images that make up the layer disappear.
  6. If you "Save As for Web" with a layer or layer folders hidden, those items will not be part of the save. This concept will be very important later when we "slice" and prepare an image for the final design template. For now, use this to create static .JPG files for clients to view and approve.