Data Gathering

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Data Gathering

Data Gathering

Gathering and Combining Data

Data may exist in many sources and the use of a website is a great way to display and share information from many sources. Various technologies may be used to gather this data and make it searchable. Securing this information is essential to the integrity of the data.

Each of these midlevel technologies helps the database, usually a SQL Server, or a MySQL database, that is stored in a hosted environment translate the request from the web browser into a language the database understands. The response is then translated back into a language the web browser understands.

  • .NET - a Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications, a suite of services, and tools to enable productivity: a medium-level learning curve.
  • PHP - a server-side scripting language designed for web development: a time-consuming learning curve.
  • ColdFusion - a commercial rapid web application development platform owned by Adobe: an easier learning curve.