Planning Phase

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Planning Phase

Planning Phase

Planning-Phase Process

The planning-phase portion of the project can be handled in two ways. We may plan on using a top-down or bottom-up approach. Each of these approaches has pros and cons based on the thought process of the individual. One is not necessarily better or worse, just different.

Top-down Approach

The top-down approach is one used when we have a big-picture idea that needs to be refined into the individual details. Lightbulb Pointing to Design Page

Bottom-up Approach

The bottom-up approach is one used when we have individual details that needs to be refined into a big-picture idea. Lightbulbs Pointing Up to Design Page

Plan Implementation

When we implement the plan, we will be using two different types of technology to organize and share the individual steps with both our internal audience (Microsoft Project) and our external client ( If we are not working with an internal group of coworkers, we may use the external process of sharing to organize production steps.

Example Microsoft Project PlanExample Microsoft Project plan.

Example of FreedCamp.comExample