LinkedIn for Branding

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LinkedIn for Branding

LinkedIn for Branding

LinkedIn offers a great branding opportunity for companies. Companies can host a company page and encourage interaction there, as well as encourage employees to engage in discussions. Here are some considerations on using LinkedIn:

  1. Do you want to have an engaging company presence on LinkedIn and push customers to a profile or group for interaction?
  2. Do you want to encourage employees to use LinkedIn for reaching out to potential customers and partners?

Company Profile

You use your company profile to disseminate information, offer a listing of your products/services along with recommendations on each, and encourage people to follow your company on LinkedIn. Take a look at the screenshot below from AT&T's company page:

In the screenshot, you can see various ways that AT&T is using their page:

  1. To promote their latest offerings.
  2. To engage with customers, who are now followers of the company (note: you can post company updates and all followers see your messages).
  3. To list all products and services and gather recommendations (see screenshot below).

The screenshot below shows an example of one of their company messages, again, being seen by all of its LinkedIn followers:

Encouraging Employees to Use LinkedIn

Employees can engage at two levels:

  1. Employees can simply set up profiles and select the correct company profile as their employer.
  2. Employees can also participate in relevant Groups and Answers sections, indirectly providing promotion of company products/services.

LinkedIn outreach can be completed efficiently without much work beyond initial policy decisions in your company. LinkedIn can also be time consuming for employees if they decide to become active within Groups and Answers sections.