Creating Team Sites - Exercise

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Creating Team Sites - Exercise

Creating Team Sites

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create a new site based on the Team Site template. In addition, you will test and modify the navigation options from parent site to child site.

  1. Create a new child site using the Team Site template.
    1. Click the Site Contents link in the Quick Launch menu.Site Contents
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the site contents page and click the new subsite link. New subsite link.
    3. Type "Accounting" in the Title field and "accounting" in the URL name field. Ensure that the Team Site template is selected in the Select a template: option.Create Dialog
    4. Scroll down and note the options available for permissions and navigation. Leave the options at their default settings and click the Create button to complete the process. Create Dialog more options

      In a later walk-through in this lesson, you will learn how to change the navigation settings of the Accounting site. In a later part of this course, you will change the permissions.

    5. You will automatically be navigated to the Home page of the new Accounting site. If you have not done much customization to the parent site it's hard to tell that this is a different site. Note how this site has its own Top Navigation bar as well as its own Quick Launch menu. Marketing Home page

      Based on the options left at their default values, this child Team Site does not share any of the links from the parent site.

  2. Explore the content of the new child Accounting Team Site.
    1. In the Accounting site, click the Site Contents link in the Quick Launch menu.Site Actions menu with View All Site Content circled
    2. Take a few moments to look through the Lists and Libraries created by default from the Team Site template.Accounting site's all site content page
  3. Navigate back to the root parent site.
    1. There is currently no obvious way to navigate back to the parent site Contoso Home Site from the child site Accounting. To navigate back to Accounting remove the text in browser's address field back to before "Accounting" as shown in the screen capture. Marketing URL address
    2. Note that the new Accounting site has a link on the parent site's Top Navigation bar.Top Link Bar with Accounting sub site circled
  4. Modify the Accounting site to use the same Top Link Bar as the parent site.
    1. Within the Accounting site, click the Settings button and select the Site Settings link from the menu. Project X settings menu.
    2. Click the Top link bar link under the Look and Feel group on the Site Settings page. Site Settings page
    3. Click the Use Links from Parent link on the Top Link Bar settings page.Top Link Bar settings
    4. Click the OK button on the Message from webpage dialog window warning us that our current Top Link Bar links will be deleted.Message from webpage
    5. Note how the Accounting site now has the same Top Link Bar as the parent site. This makes it easier to navigate back to the parent site as well as sibling sites.Accounting Top Link Bar shared with parent