Creating a Blog Site - Exercise

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Creating a Blog Site - Exercise

Creating a Blog Site

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create a new site based on the Blog template.

  1. Create a new Blog site as a child site to root parent site.
    1. Click the Site Contents link in the Quick Launch menu.Site Contents
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the site contents page and click the new subsite link. New subsite link.
    3. Select the Blog template and enter "<<your name goes here>> Blog" in the Title field and "<<your name goes here>>blog" in the URL name field.Site templates dialog with Blog circled
    4. Scroll down and change the Navigation Inheritance to Yes to use the top link bar of the parent and then click the Create button to complete the new blog sites creation process. Top link inheritance
  2. Explore the layout and contents of the new Blog site.
    1. Take a few moments to read the text within the Home page of the new blog site.Blog site Home page
    2. Click the Settings drop-down and click the Site Contents link from the menu.Blog settins menu.
    3. Note that the default content for a Blog is one library, Photos, and three lists, Categories, Comments, and Posts.Blog sites all content page
    4. Click the Home link in the Quick Launch menu to navigate back to the Home page of the blog site.Blog sites quick launch
  3. Modify the existing Categories and create a new category.
    1. Click the ADD CATEGORY link on the Quick Launch menu.Blog site Quick Launch
    2. Type "IT" in the Title field of the Categories edit form.Blog Category edit form
    3. Click the Save button to save the change.
    4. Repeat the previous steps to create categories for "SharePoint" and "Humor".
    5. Your final list should look similar to the following image.Blog Categories list all items view
  4. Create a new blog entry in your blog site
    1. Click the Create a post link under the Blogs tools area. Blog tools
    2. In the Posts - New Item form, enter "Import Spreadsheet Error" for the Title field. Blog posts new item form
    3. Click inside the Body field. Note the Posts - New Item form changes the toolbar to enable you to enter formatted text as well as insert items such as images.Blog posts body toolbar
    4. Type the following text into the Body field, "Creating a list using the Import Spreadsheet template can generate the following error if the SharePoint site is not in Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites or Intranet zones."
    5. Click the Insert tab in the Editing Tools toolbar.Blog posts New Item Insert tab
    6. Click the Picture drop-down link on the Insert toolbar and choose From Computer.
    7. In the Select Picture dialog form, click the Browse button to open the Choose File to Upload dialog window.
    8. Navigate to the you downloaded the class files to and select the message-from-webpage.gif file. Click the Open button to complete the file selection.
    9. Click the OK button to complete the image upload. Note that the file will be loaded to the Photos library by default. File upload dialog.
    10. The Photos item editor form will open and provide you with optional information fields you can include with the image. Enter "Error Message" in the Title field and click the Save button to save your changes to the image item.Photos item editor form
    11. Highlight both IT and SharePoint in the Category list box and click the Add button. This will associate this post with those categories.
    12. Click the Publish button to complete the creation of the new blog post.

      Alternatively, the Save As Draft would have created a post that would not be visible to the public until it had been published.

    13. The Home page with the new blog entry should look similar to the following image.Blog site Home page with new blog post
  5. Click the Contoso Home Site in the Top Link Bar to navigate back to the parent site. Blog site Navigate Up menu