Custom Views

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Custom Views

Custom Views

How to Create a Custom View

The following walk-through will show you how to create a custom view using the default Tasks list.

  1. Create a custom view of Tasks using the Standard View format.
    1. Navigate to the Tasks list of the site by clicking the Tasks link in the Quick Launch menu.
    2. Click the List tab to open the toolbar.List tab
    3. Click the Create View button on the List tab toolbar.List tab
    4. Click Standard View from the Choose a view type region.View format selection
    5. Type "In Progress" in the View Name field.View naming field
    6. Leave the Create a Public View setting in the Audience region but note the option to Create a Personal View.View audience field

      If a user does not have permission to create a public view, the option is grayed out. In a later exercise, you will create both a personal view and a public view. Permissions are covered in a later part of this course.

    7. Select the following from the Columns region; everything else should be deselected.
      • Task Name
      • Assigned To
      • Task Status
      • Due Date
      • Start Date
      View Column Selection
    8. Select Start Date for the First sort by the column selection under the Sort region.View Sort Selection
    9. Select Status for the Show the items when column selection under the Filter region. Leave the operator drop-down set to is equal to and type In Progress in the value field text box.View Filter Selection
    10. Note the remaining view options and their collapsed regions but leave them at their default settings.Optional view settings
    11. Click the OK button at the bottom of the form to complete creating the public view.
  2. Once the new view has been successfully created, SharePoint will automatically navigate you back to the Browse tab with the new view In Progress selected. The tasks listed should only include tasks that have their Status field set to In Progress Custom view applied
  3. Click the Tasks link in the Quick Launch and note how the view is reset back to the default All Tasks. You could optionally set the custom view In Progress as the default view for the list.