Create a SharePoint List with the Import Spreadsheet Template - Exercise

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Create a SharePoint List with the Import Spreadsheet Template - Exercise

Create a SharePoint List with the Import Spreadsheet Template

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will learn to create a new list and columns by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, you will modify the new list so that it displays in the Quick Launch menu.

  1. Create a new list by using the Import Spreadsheet template.
    1. Click the Settings menu and then choose the Add an app menu item.Site actions menu
    2. Search for the Import Spreadsheet App template by typing "Import" in the textbox labeled Find an app and click the search icon.App templates search box
    3. Select the Import Spreadsheet template from the search results.Search results for Apps.
    4. In the new list form that opens enter "Course List" in the Name field.Import spreadsheet name form
    5. Click the Browse button to select the spreadsheet for the import.
    6. In the Choose File to Upload dialog window, browse to the folder you copied the class files to and select the Instructor Led Training Report.xlsx file. Click the Open button to close the dialog window and complete the selection.
    7. Click the Import button. This should open Microsoft Excel with the selected file loaded. A second dialog window titled Import to Windows SharePoint Services list should also open as shown in the following image.Import to Windows SharePoint Services list dialog
    8. In the Select Range drop-down field, choose ProductReleaseScheduleILT!Table1 from the drop-down list. There should only be one choice.

      Optionally you could choose Range of Cells from the Range Type field. This would then allow you use your mouse to click and drag across your spreadsheet selecting the range of cells to import. Having a named table as we do in this example makes it a bit easier to just select the table.

    9. Click the Import button to complete the import process.
    10. Once the Import form closes you will be automatically taken to the Browse tab of the new list. Note how new columns have been automatically created based on the column headers of the imported spreadsheet.Course List data with column headers circled
  2. Add the new imported list to the Quick Launch menu.
    1. Note how the new list "Course List" does not have a link in the Quick Launch menu. The Import Spreadsheet template you used does not have an option to add the list to the Quick Launch menu as part of the import process.
    2. Click the List tab at the top of the Course List list page to open the toolbar.List toolbar

      Note that the image is showing only a portion of the list's toolbar due to space constraints. In addition, your web browser window's width will affect the buttons displayed on the toolbar.

    3. Click the List Settings button on the List tab within the Settings group in the toolbar.List toolbar
    4. Click the List name, description, and navigation link under the General Settings group on the List Settings page.List settings with Title, description and navigation link circled
    5. Click the Yes option under the section Display this list on the Quick Launch? and then click the Save button to save your changes.
    6. Note how now there is a new link, Course List, under the Lists group within the Quick Launch menu.Quick Launch with Course List link circled

      The text for the link in the Quick Launch menu is based on the title of the list. The lists title can be changed on the Site Settings page using the same List name, description and navigation link you used to add the list to the Quick Launch.