Create Custom Lists and Columns - Exercise

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Create Custom Lists and Columns - Exercise

Create Custom Lists and Columns

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will learn to create a new list from the Custom List template. In addition, you will learn to modify column properties as well as add new custom columns.

  1. Create a new list in your Team Site using the Custom List template.
    1. Click the Settings menu and then choose the Add an app menu item.Site actions menu
    2. Select the Custom List template from the list of available templates. Apps template list
    3. Enter "Favorite Cars" in the Name field and then click the Create button.
  2. Add custom columns to the new Favorite Cars list.
    1. Click the Favorite Cars list from the Quick Launch menu if it is not already selected.
    2. Click the new Item in the middle of the empty list main page. This will open a new list item.Favorite Cars new item dialog form
    3. Do not enter anything at this time; just verify that the only field is the required Title field. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog form without creating a new list item.
    4. Click the List tab to open the lists toolbar.List toolbar
    5. Click the Create Column button in the Manage Views section of the toolbar.List toolbar

      Note that the image is only showing a portion of the list's toolbar due to space constraints. In addition, your web browser window's width will affect the buttons displayed on the toolbar.

    6. Enter "Model" for the Column name field and leave the default Single line of text as the data type for the column.Create column dialog Take a few moments to read through the additional column settings, but the default values are fine for this exercise.
    7. Click the OK button to create and save the changes to the new list column.
    8. Repeat the steps above to create two additional columns and use the following table for information about the new columns:
      Column name Data type
      Top Speed Number
      Price Currency
    9. Keep the default column settings for the new Top Speed and Price columns based on their data types. Take a moment to note that the different data types have different additional settings. For example, the Currency data type has a currency format selection.
  3. Rename the existing Title column in the Favorite Cars list to Make.
    1. Verify that the newly created Favorite Cars list is selected in your site's Quick Launch menu. Select it if it is not.
    2. Click the List Settings button on the List tab within the Settings group in the toolbar.List toolbar
    3. Take a moment to read through the list settings page. This page offers links to various list administration task links grouped by category. The group we are going to be working with is the Columns.List settings page
    4. Click the Title column link to bring up the column settings page. Note how using this page you can change various settings of the column based on the data type of the column.
    5. To rename this column, type over the text in the Column name field with the text "Make".
    6. Click the OK button to save your changes and return to the list settings page.
    7. Verify that the old column Title has been renamed to Make in the column group.Column group in list settings page
    8. Click the Favorite Cars link in either the Quick Launch or the Site's Breadcrumbs to navigate back to the browse view of the Favorite Cars list.Favorite Cars Quick Launch and Breadcrumbs links
  4. Add some new Favorite Cars to the custom list.
    1. Click either the new item link within the list or the New Item button on the Items tab toolbar of the Favorite Cars list.Favorite Cars New Item links circled
    2. The Favorite Cars new item dialog form will open with fields for the custom columns you added earlier.Favorite Cars New Item dialog
    3. Enter the following values for new Favorite Car item and click the Save button to save the data back to the list.
      Make Model Top Speed Price
      Bugatti Veyron SS 268 2,420,000.00
    4. To add multiple cars to the new Favorite Cars list, you can use the edit link to enter items in a spreadsheet type of view. You can use the following table for data to input but feel free to use your own "favorite cars" as well.
      Make Model Top Speed Price
      SSC Ultimate Aero TT 257 654,500.00
      Koenigsegg CCX 250 720,500.00
      Saleen S7 Twin Turbo 248 597,000.00
      McLaren F1 240 1,100,000.00
      Ferrari 458 Italia 202 150,000.00
      Ferrari 599 GTO 208 383,500.00
      Favorite cars list.
    5. Compare your list to the following image:Favorite Cars list with dataIt should look the same or similar depending on whether you used your own "favorite cars" or not. Note the Price column is formatted as currency for you based on the data type you chose for that column.
    6. Click the Stop link to exit the editing view.