Column Validation

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Column Validation

Column Validation

Validating a List Column

In this walk-through, you will learn how to enable validation on a custom list column. This walk-through will add validation to the Birthday list column added in the previous walk-through.

  1. Configure validation on the Birthday column within the Demo List.
    1. Select the Demo List from the Quick Launch menu if you are not already on the list.
    2. Click the List tab at the top of the list's page to open the List toolbar.
    3. Click the List Settings button on the List tab toolbar to navigate to the list settings page.List tab toolbar
    4. Click the Birthday link within the Columns region to navigate to the column settings page.List settings columns region
    5. Expand the Column Validation region within the column settings page and enter =[Birthday]<Today() in the Formula field and The birthday must be earlier than the current date. in the User message field.Column validation settings

      The formula in this example will ensure that the user cannot enter a date that is the same as or after the current date.

    6. Click the OK button to save the changes.
  2. Test the new column for validation.
    1. Select the Demo List from the Quick Launch to navigate back to the main browse view of the list.
    2. Click the new item link within the Demo List to create a new item.
    3. In the required Title field, enter "Testing" and select a future date in the Birthday field.
    4. Click the Save button. You should get a validation error message similar to the following image:Validation error message

      If you did not get an error message, go back and check our column settings validation formula and make sure it was typed in correctly.

    5. Change the Birthday date field to a date earlier than the current date and click the Save button. The new item should be saved and displayed in the list.