People Newsfeeds

Welcome to our free SharePoint 2013 tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's SharePoint 2013 End User Training course.

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People Newsfeeds

People Newsfeeds

The people newsfeeds allow you to follow posting of other users in your organization. The following walk-through will explore how to follow users and post messages.

  1. Click the number 1 link listed above people.
  2. Note that Homer Simpson was added because of the previous walk-through when his account was specified as the assistant for SP_Admin. SP_Admin's following list.
  3. Add a follow for Wilbur Whipple.
    1. Click the follow link on the People I'm following page. Follow link.
    2. Type "Wilbur Whipple" in the Follow people to get updates about them in your newsfeed field of the Follow People dialog and click the Follow button. Follow people
    3. Wilbur Whipple now displays as a person you are following. Note that you can remove a following by clicking the ellipsis link nest to their name, do not remove Wilbur at this time. stop following.
  4. Add a newsfeed entry logged in as Wilbur Whipple.
    1. While holding down the Shift key, right-click your browser icon and choose the Run as different user option. Run as different user.
    2. In the Widows Security dialog window, enter "Wilbur" for the account name and "Pa$$w0rd" for the password. Click the OK button to complete the logon.
    3. Try to navigate to root of your team site. Root site url
    4. Click the Newsfeed link in the upper-right corner of the browser for Wilbur Whipple. Wilbur Whipple newsfeed.
    5. If prompted for credentials enter "Wilbur" for the account name and "Pa$$w0rd".
    6. If prompted to "Get the most out of SharePoint" click the OK button. Social prompt.
    7. Type "Hello from Wilbur!" in the Share with everyone field and click the Post button. Hello from wilbur.
  5. View the newsfeed from Wilbur as SP_Admin.
    1. Switch back to the browser window logged in as SP_Admin and click the Newsfeed link. Newsfeed link.
    2. Note the new entry under the Following heading posted by Wilbur Whipple. Wilburs post.

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