Managing Personal Sites

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Managing Personal Sites

Managing Personal Sites

In addition to storing user in formation in the form of a profile SharePoint offers users their own personal SharePoint site collection. This site is like any other SharePoint site in that users can create lists and libraries and edit the home page.

The default content of a users personal site can be accesses through the three links Blog, Apps, and Tasks listed under their profiles Quick Launch menu. Personal site links.

A users personal site includes a Documents library that can easily be accessed through the SkyDrive link. Skydrive link

The following walk-through will show you how to edit your personal site and add documents and a blog post.

These same steps are performed as part of the exercise with this lesson so unless you have a separate account you want to perform the walk-through steps on, you should wait to perform them in the exercise.

  1. Add a new file to your personal Documents library.
    1. Click the SkyDrive located at the top-right corner of any SharePoint page you are currently on. Skydrive link
    2. Click the FILES tab to open toolbar and then click the New Document button.
    3. Type "This document is where I keep my personal secrets!" in the body of the Word document.
    4. Click the Save icon button in the upper-left corner of the Word window to save the document to SharePoint.
    5. Click the Documents link listed under Other Web Locations in the Save As page. Save As
    6. Keep the default file name for the new document and click the Save button on the Save As dialog.
    7. Close Microsoft Word.
    8. Click the My Documents link from the Quick Launch menu to refresh the view.
  2. Create a personal blog post.
    1. Click the SP_Admin link in the Quick Launch menu to navigate back the users profile home page. Home link.
    2. Click the Blog link in the Quick Launch of your personal site.
    3. Click the Create a post link under the Blog Tools group located on the right side of your blog's home page. Create post link
    4. Use the following information to fill in the new blog post.
      • Title: "Learning SharePoint"
      • Body: "SharePoint is full of features including personal sites."
      • Category: Select Opinions and click the Add> button.
    5. Click the Publish button to save the new blog post.