Configure User Profiles and My Sites

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Configure User Profiles and My Sites

Configure User Profiles and My Sites

Information about people within a SharePoint organization comes primarily through SharePoint User Profiles. User Profiles are managed by the User Profile Service that comes with SharePoint Server, the pay version, but must be provisioned by the Farm administrator. As part of the provisioning process the Farm administrator creates a special Site Collection for hosting My Sites. In addition to creating the My Sites host the Farm administrator typically configures a synchronization connection with a directory system such as Active Directory. It is from this synchronization connection that User Profiles are populated with information such as email addresses and company information. Users have the ability to add and edit some information to their profiles as well as decide who can view the information. Profile fields that are imported from Active Directory default to read-only and that includes the Show To option. The Farm administrator can change the default edit ability of these fields as well as add new custom fields.

The following walk-through will show you how to edit the profile for the account. This walk-through uses an account named "SP_Admin" but any account will do.

These same steps are performed as part of the exercise with this lesson so unless you have a separate account you want to perform the walk-through steps on, you should wait to perform them in the exercise.

  1. Edit the profile for your user account.
    1. Click the Open Menu drop-down menu and select the About Me option. Open menu for SP_Admin
    2. Click the edit link on the About page. Edit link.
    3. Use the following list of information to fill in the fields for the Basic Information in your profile.
      • About me: "SharePoint Administrator."
      • Ask Me About: "Configuring SharePoint."
      Contact Information
    4. Click the Upload Picture button in the Picture: field for the profile.
    5. Click the Browse... button on the Choose a Picture dialog.
    6. Navigate to the folder you downloaded the class files to and select the pair-of-students.jpg file. Click the Open button of the Choose File to Upload dialog window.
    7. Click the Upload button of the Choose a picture dialog to save your selection.
    8. Click the Contact Information link and use the following list of information to fill in the fields.
      • Mobile phone: "950-852-5555"
      • Fax: "950-852-4444"
      • Home Phone: "950-864-1234"
      • Office Location: "Shangri-La"
      • Assistant: "Homer"
      Contact Information
    9. Click the Details link and use the following list of information to fill in the fields.
      • Past projects: "SharePoint 2010 installation"
      • Skills: "HTML, CSS, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio and C#, Active Directory"
      • Schools: "University of Redmond"
      • Birthday: "November 05"
      • Interests: "Building bird houses."
      Contact Information
    10. Click the Save and Close link at the bottom of the form.
    11. Click the OK button on the Profile Changes dialog. Profile Changes dialog