Working with Wiki Pages - Exercise

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Working with Wiki Pages - Exercise

Working with Wiki Pages

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will add a new wiki page to the root parent site's Site Pages wiki library. You will explore the editing tools by editing and adding content to the new wiki page.

  1. Create and edit a new page in the Site Pages library of your root parent site.
    1. Make sure you are on the Home page of the root site.
    2. Click the Site Contents link in the Quick Launch menu. Contoso Quick Launch Site Contents circled
    3. Click the Site Pages link on the Site Contents page. Site Contents

      The Site Pages is a wiki page library created by default when the Team Site was created. It is also where the sites default Home page is located.

    4. Click the new Wiki page link in the Site Pages library page. Contoso Site Pages Add new page link circled
    5. In the New Item form, enter "NewCEO" in the New page name field. Click the Create button to complete the process. New Page dialog form
    6. Your browser will now be on the new blank page in edit mode. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the FORMAT TEXT and INSERT toolbars.Page editing toolbar
    7. Enter the following text into the new page, each on a separate line:

      New CEO of Contoso

      Please Welcome Wilbur Whipple as the new CEO of Contoso.

      Wilbur's achievements to date include:

      Masters degree from NYU

      Former CEO of Intel

      Retired Marine Sergeant

    8. Select and highlight the line "New CEO of Contoso" and click the Heading 3 option from the Styles options in the FORMAT TEXT toolbar.Format Text tab toolbar
    9. Select and highlight the three lines of Wilbur's achievements, Master's degree from NYU, Former CEO of Intel, and Retired Marine Sergeant. Click the Bullets button on the FORMAT TEXT toolbar in the Paragraph group.Format Text tab toolbar
    10. Click the Text Layout drop-down button on the FORMAT TEXT toolbar in the Layout group. Select the One column with sidebar option.Format Text tab toolbar
    11. Click in the upper-left corner of the new sidebar box to place your insertion bar at that point.Wiki demo page with sidebar
    12. Click the INSERT tab to open the toolbar.Editing Tools toolbar insert tab circled
    13. Click the Picture drop-down in the INSERT toolbar and select the From Computer option. Editing Tools toolbar insert tab Picture circled
    14. In the Upload Image dialog form, click the Browse button to open the Choose File to Upload dialog window.Select Picture dialog
    15. Navigate to the folder you downloaded the class files to and select the ceo-wilbur.jpg file. Click the Open button to complete the file selection.
    16. Click the OK button to complete the image upload. Note that the file will be uploaded to the Site Assets library by default.
    17. The final formatted version of the wiki page should look similar to the following image. Wiki demo page completed version

      Note that with the picture selected in the wiki page there is a new IMAGE toolbar tab for formatting the picture on the page.

    18. Click the PAGE tab and then click the Save button to save your wiki page edits back to the Site Pages wiki library.Wiki edit page tab with save and close circled
  2. Edit the Home page of Contoso Home Site and add a link to the new CEO wiki page.
    1. Click the Contoso Home Site link in the Top Link Bar to navigate to the Home page of Contoso Home Site. Contoso top link bar with Home link circled
    2. Click the REMOVE THIS link on the home page to remove the Get started with your site region. Remove this link.
    3. Click the Edit icon to switch the Home page into edit mode.Contoso top link bar with Edit icon circled
    4. Click inside the Home page just below the welcome paragraph to place your insertion bar at that point.Contoso Home page edit mode with click here callout
    5. Enter the following text at the insertion point:

      Introducing the new CEO of Contoso [[

    6. >After you type the second square bracket, you will get a drop-down menu of available pages to link in the Site Pages library.Wiki link menu
    7. Select NewCEO from the drop-down link choices and finish the link by typing two closing square brackets ]].
    8. The final text should look like the following with the page in Edit mode.Wiki style link in edit mode
    9. Click the Save button on the FORMAT TEXT tab toolbar to save your changes.Wiki editing toolbar format text tab and save and close circled
    10. Note how the square bracketed text has become a link to the NewCEO wiki page you created earlier.Wiki link in browse mode