Web Part Pages

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Web Part Pages

Web Part Pages

Creating a Web Part Page

This walk-through will show you how create a new Web Part page in a team site. This walk-through will use the Marketing team site created in an earlier walk-through.

  1. Open your browser if it is not already open and navigate to the Marketing site.
  2. Create a new Web Part page in the Site Pages library of the Marketing site.
    1. Click the Site Contents link the Marketing site's Quick Launch menu. Quick Launch menu.
    2. Click the Site Pages link on the Site Contents page. Site Contents.
    3. Click the FILES tab in the Site Pages library to open the toolbar. Site Pages library.
    4. Click the New Document drop-down button and choose Web Part Page from the options menu. New Web Part Page menu.
    5. Type "MarketingInfo" in the Name field. Take a moment to read through the different options in the Layout list box as well as the options in the Save Location combo box.Web Part page create form
    6. Select Header, Footer, 3 Columns in the Layout list box and leave Site Pages as the choice for the Save Location. Click the Create button to complete the process.
    7. The new Web Part page will look similar to the image below. Note the regions within the page that are arranged based on the layout option you chose when you created the page and inside those regions are links that allow you to add Web Parts.Web Part page edit mode

      The next walk-though will show you how to add Web Parts into some of those regions.

    8. Leave the MarketingInfo page in edit mode for the next walk-through.