Outlook Integration

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Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration

Create an Alert

This walk-through will show you how to create an alert in the Golf Clubs list to notify you when the list is changed. The demonstration requires that you have done the earlier demonstration that created the Golf Clubs list.

This walk-through will only work if your SharePoint server is configured with an email server it can deliver to and the account you are logged in with has a valid email address.

  1. Create an alert for the Golf Clubs list.
    1. Open your browser if it is not already open and navigate to your root team site.
    2. Click the Golf Clubs link in the Quick Launch menu to navigate to the list.Quick Launch with Golf Clubs link circled
    3. Click the List tab in the List Tools toolbar.List toolbar
    4. Click the Alert Me drop-down button in the Share & Track region on the List Tools List tab toolbar and select the Set alert on this list option.List toolbar with Alert circled

      The Alert Me button only displays if the Farm administrator has configured the server with an outgoing mail server address.

    5. Leave all the default options in the Golf Clubs - New Alert dialog form and click the OK button to save the new alert.New Alert dialog
  2. Add a new Golf Clubs item to the list to test the new alert.
    1. Click the new item link at the top of the list.Golf Clubs Add new item link
    2. Enter the following values for new Favorite Car item and click on the Save button to save the data back to the list.
      Club Name Loft Degrees Medium Swing Yards Fast Swing Yards
      Sand Wedge 55 75 80
  3. Check for an alert in Microsoft Outlook 2013.
    1. Launch Microsoft Outlook 2013.
    2. You will eventually have two emails in your Inbox generated by the alert system. It could take up to 10 minutes for them to appear due to a delay in the SharePoint service responsible for generating emails even with the alert option set to Send notification immediately.Outlook inbox with alert messages

Subscribe to a List's RSS Feed

This walk-through will show you how to subscribe to the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed generated by the Golf Clubs list. The alert in the previous walk-through can become an annoyance with a lot of changes occurring and emails being generated. A less intrusive way of keeping up to date on lists would be to use RSS. This walk-through requires the Golf Clubs list created in the first walk-through in this lesson.

  1. Subscribe to an RSS feed in the Golf Clubs list.
    1. Click the Golf Clubs link in the Quick Launch menu to navigate to the list.Quick Launch with Golf Clubs link circled
    2. Click the RSS Feed button in the Share & Track region on the List Tools List tab toolbar.List toolbar with RSS Feed circled
    3. Click the Subscribe to this feed on the Favorite Cars RSS feed page.Golf Clubs RSS page
    4. Click Yes in the Add this RSS Feed to Outlook dialog window to complete adding this RSS subscription to the Common Feed List.RSS subscribe to this Feed dialog
    5. Click the link at the top of the RSS feed page to navigate back to the SharePoint site.RSS feed list link
  2. View the Golf Clubs RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook 2013.
    1. Go back to our Outlook window and click on the RSS Feeds link in the side bar menu.Outlook side bar menu
    2. Verify that your RSS Feed is now showing the latest changes to the Golf Clubs list. You can test this further by modifying or creating a new item in the Golf Clubs list.

Connect to Outlook

This walk-through will show you how to connect a library to Outlook. Using the Connect to Outlook feature in SharePoint allows you to have a copy of a library and certain lists in Outlook that you can work with offline. This walk-through uses the Work Orders library that was created in a previous walk-through in the "Site Columns and Content Types" lesson but the same steps can be performed on any library.

  1. Connect the Work Orders library to Outlook.
    1. Click the Work Orders library on the root site's Quick Launch menu. Quick Launch with Work Orders circled

      If Work Orders is not listed under the Recent group in the Quick Launch menu it might be listed under Site Contents. The Recent list only displays the last five lists or libraries created.

    2. Click the Connect to Outlook icon in the Connect & Export region on the Library tab toolbar. Library tab toolbar

      Depending on the width of your browser screen, you may or may not see the label text "Connect to Outlook".

    3. In the Internet Explorer dialog window that asks, Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?, click the Allow button.Internet Explorer Dialog Allow access window
    4. In the Microsoft Outlook dialog window that asks, "Connect this SharePoint Document Library to Outlook?", click the Yes button.Outlook connect library dialog
    5. A new SharePoint Lists tree menu will be added to your Outlook side bar menu with the Work Orders added and opened. Outlook can now be used to view, create, and edit items in the Work Orders library. Additionally you can work offline with this library through Outlook.Outlook with Work Orders Library

Note: In the video that follows, the services must be set for the Outlook button to appear. If your services are set, but the button is still grayed out, please click F5 key to refresh. This is a known quirk in SharePoint.