Access Integration - Exercise

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Access Integration - Exercise

Access Integration

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will learn how to use Microsoft Access with your SharePoint site.

  1. Open the Favorite Cars list in Microsoft Access.
    1. Open your browser if it is not already open and navigate to your root team site.
    2. Click the Favorite Cars link in the Quick Launch menu to navigate to the list.
    3. Click the LIST tab to open the toolbar.Favorite cars list tab
    4. Click the Open with Access icon in the Connect & Export region on the List tab toolbar. List tab toolbar

      Depending on the width of your browser screen, you may or may not see the label text "Open with Access".

    5. Leave the default settings and click the OK button in the Open in Microsoft Access dialog window.Open in Microsoft Access dialog window
    6. In the Microsoft Access window that opens, double-click the Favorite Cars link in the Tables window to open it and view the data.Access with Favorite Cars table circled
    7. Modify the Bugatti's Top Speed to be "250". Click the Refresh All button in the Home tab on Access's toolbar.Access Home tab toolbar
    8. Go back to your browser window and refresh the Favorite Cars page. The Bugatti item in the browser window should now be the same as what you changed it to in Access.Favorite Cars List
    9. Try editing the Bugatti's Top Speed in the browser back to "268" and saving it. Go back to the Access window and click the Refresh All button in the Home tab and verify that Access now displays "268" for the Bugatti's Top Speed.
    10. Close Access when you are done trying out the editing and synchronizing.