Permission Levels

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Permission Levels

Permission Levels

Permission level can only be created by Site Collection administrators or Farm level administrators. For that reason, creating and modifying permission levels is outside the scope of this course. What we will do is view the granular permissions that are combined in a permission level. The permission levels usage you have already seen in the earlier demonstration when we created a new SharePoint group. You can also assign a permission level directly to a user or group, Windows users and groups typically, but this is not recommended.

View Permission Level Permissions

This walk-through will view the granular permissions that are assigned to the Full Control permission level.

  1. Make sure your browser is open on your root team site.
  2. Click the Settings menu link and then select the Site settings link from the available options. Site Actions menu
  3. Click the Site permissions link on the Site Settings page. Site Settings.
  4. Click the Permission Levels link button from the Edit tab of the Permission Tools toolbar.Permission Tools toolbar

    Note that the Permission Levels link button is only available at the root site of the Site Collection.

  5. Click the Full Control link in the Permission Levels page to view the permissions.Permission levels list
  6. Note the permissions are divided into three groups List Permissions, Site Permissions, and Personal Permissions. Take a few moments to read through the list of permissions and their descriptions. Permissions list Permissions list Permissions list
  7. Click the Cancel button at the bottom of the Permission Levels page once you are done viewing the permissions.