Assigning Permissions

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Assigning Permissions

Assigning Permissions

Assigning permissions to SharePoint resources can be done several different ways. One method is to assign a user or group account, typically Windows users or groups, directly to a permission level or add them to a SharePoint group.

Grant permissions directly dialog

The recommended method is to grant permissions by adding user or group account into the SharePoint groups. The following walk-through will take this recommended approach.

Add a User Account to a SharePoint Group

This walk-through will use the recommended method of adding a Windows user account into a SharePoint group to receive the permissions level assigned to that group.

  1. Make sure your browser is open to the root team site.
  2. Click the Settings menu link and then select the Site settings link from the available options. Site Actions menu
  3. Click the Site permissions link on the Site Settings page. Site Settings.
  4. Click the Grant Permission link button from the PERMISSIONS tab toolbar.Permission Tools toolbar
  5. Enter DemoUser in the Invite people field and click the SHOW OPTIONS link.Add user dialog
  6. Change the Select a group or permission level drop-down option to <<Site Name>> Visitors [Read] and uncheck the Send an email invitation option. Add user dialog
  7. Click the Share button to complete the action.