Working with Team Site Libraries - Exercise

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Working with Team Site Libraries - Exercise

Working with Team Site Libraries

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will work with the default Team Site libraries.

  1. Add an existing document to the Documents library.
    1. Click the Documents link within the Quick Launch menu.Quick launch Shared Documents linkThis should take you to the default view of the library.
    2. Note how this library view has added a couple of new tabs, Files and Library, to the top of the page next to the Browse tab.Document library tools tabs
    3. Click the Files tab to open the toolbar.Files tab
    4. Click either the new document link or the Upload Document button.Document library toolbar upload links circled
    5. Click the Browse... button in the Upload Document dialog form to get the file chooser dialog window.
    6. Navigate to the folder you copied the class files to and select the file EvaluateSharePointServer2010-ITPro.docx.
    7. Click the OK button to complete uploading the file into Documents library.
  2. Create a new document directly into Documents library.
    1. Click the New Document button on the Files tab of the Documents library.Document library toolbar new document button circled
    2. If you get a Open Document dialog window like the one in the following image, click on the OK button to open it.Open document warning dialog window

      This dialog window appears because the New Document button links to a template file stored as part of the Shared Documents library. The default template is just a blank Word document but that is what causes Word to load and present you with a blank page. In a later part of this course, you will create custom templates and associate them with libraries.

    3. Microsoft Word should open to a blank page. Enter the following text into the document: "SharePoint 2013 is a great collaboration product." and click on the save icon to save your changes.
    4. Enter "Document for testing" as the name for the new file in the Save As dialog window, and click the Save button to save the file back to the Documents library.
    5. Close Microsoft Word and note the new document in the library. You may need to refresh the page if you don't see it in the list of documents.