Library Templates

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Library Templates

Library Templates

Library templates define the characteristics of a library when used to create a new library. The characteristics defined by a library templates include the column types, views, and forms for editing and viewing library item data. Library templates also store a document template for creating new documents in the library.

There are many factors that define the library templates available to a site such as the version of SharePoint and the features that have been enabled in the farm, site, and site collection. New library templates can be easily added to a site so the library template choices can vary between different SharePoint installations and even sites within a single installation.

The following is a list of some of the out-of-the-box library templates that come with a SharePoint 2013 Team Site.

  • Document Library
  • Form Library
  • Wiki Page Library
  • Picture Library
  • Data Connection Library
  • Report Library
  • Asset Library