Document Versioning - Exercise

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Document Versioning - Exercise

Document Versioning

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will enable versioning on the Shared Documents library. Once versioning is enabled, you will test it by modifying a document and then rolling it back to a previous version to undo your changes.

  1. Enable versioning on the Documents library.
    1. Make sure Documents is selected in the Quick Launch menu. Click the Library tab to open the toolbar.Expense Reports library Documents tab
    2. Click the Library Settings button in the Settings group on the Library tab toolbar.Library Tools Library tab with Library Settings circled.
    3. Click the Versioning settings link within the General Settings group.Library Settings page with Versioning settings circled
    4. Take a moment to read through the Versioning Settings options. Select the option to Create major versions and click the OK button to save your changes.Versioning settings with major versions circled
    5. Click the Documents link in either the Quick Launch menu or in the Site Breadcrumbs to navigate back to the Browse view of the library.
  2. Edit a document in the library so that the changes will be stored with a new version of the document.
    1. Click the "Document for testing" document link in your Documents library to open it in Microsoft Word for editing.
    2. Click the Edit Document button in Word to enable editing.Open Document dialog window
    3. Add the following text on a new line in the document: "This is a new line to test versioning."
    4. Click the Save icon at the top left of the Word window to save your changes.

      If you had enabled both major and minor versioning, Word would have prompted you to choose which version you wanted to create when you saved your changes.

    5. Close Microsoft Word.
  3. View the version history of the document you just edited.
    1. Click the ellipsis button next to the Document for testing item title and then click the second ellipsis in the balloon pop-up.Document context menu with version history circled
    2. In the documents context menu, click the Version History options to open the Version History dialog. Note that you should have at least two versions in the Version History dialog.
  4. Revert to a previous version of the document.
    1. Hover over the version 1.0 date column in the Version History list and click the arrow that appears next to it to access its options menu.Version History dialog
    2. From the 1.0 versions options menu select the Restore option.
    3. In the Message from web page dialog box, click the OK button to replace the current version with the older version.
    4. Note how the Version History dialog shows a new third version that is really a copy of the first version.
    5. Close the Version History dialog.
    6. Click on the document you just reverted to open it in Microsoft Word and verify that it has been restored to its earliest version.
    7. Close Microsoft Word once you are done verifying the restored document.