Creating Libraries - Exercise

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Creating Libraries - Exercise

Creating Libraries

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create a new library using the Document Library template. As part of creating the new Document Library, you will choose an Excel spreadsheet as the default template and verify the effect of that by creating a new document in the library.

  1. Create a new library using the Document Library template.
    1. Click the Settings menu and then choose the Add an app menu item.Site actions menu
    2. Click the Document Library template. Apps templates.
    3. Click the Advanced Options link on the Adding Document Library dialog. Adding Document Library dialog.
    4. In the New form that opens enter "Expense Reports" in the Name field and choose Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from the Document Template drop-down field.Document library New form Excel template circled
    5. Take a moment to read through the other options on the New form as well as the Document Template options. Make sure that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is chosen and click the Create button to complete creation of the new library.
  2. Create a new item in the new Expense Reports document library.
    1. Make sure Expense Reports is selected in the Quick Launch menu. Click the New Document button found in the Files tab toolbar.Expense Reports library Documents tab
    2. Microsoft Excel should open to a blank spreadsheet based on the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template you chose when creating the Expense Reports library.

      In a later part of this course, you will create custom templates and associate them with libraries.

    3. Enter data into the spreadsheet, you can use the following image as an example:Expense report excel spreadsheet example
    4. Click the Save icon at the top left of the Excel window.
    5. Click the Expense Reports location in the Save As window of Excel. Excel Save As chooser.
    6. Excel's Save As dialog window will open. Note how the path is pointing to the Expense Reports document library on the SharePoint server and within your student site.Excel Save As dialog window
    7. Enter "August Expenses" for the File name field, and then click the Save button to complete saving the new file.
    8. Close the Microsoft Excel window. You should see your new document listed in the library, if you don't click on the Expense Reports link in the Quick Launch to refresh the page.