Formatting Tables

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Formatting Tables

Formatting Tables

After you insert a table into a slide, you may want to modify its appearance. PowerPoint offers many options for formatting tables. The tools you will need can be found on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab and the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab.

The tools available on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab affect the visual aesthetics of the table.

Table design tools are categorized in the following groups:

  • Table Style Options - These settings determine if special formatting is applied to specific regions of a table. See Table Styles.
  • Table Styles - Built-in table styles that can be used as is or as an initial style that you can modify using tools such as Border, Shading, and Effects.
  • WordArt Styles - A variety of effects that you can apply to the text in your presentation.
  • Draw Borders - Tools for formatting the borders of your table.

The options in the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab affect the structure of the table.

Table layout tools are categorized in the following groups:

  • Table - These tools help you work with the table structure. You can select specific areas of the table and turn gridlines on and off.
  • Rows & Columns - Delete and insert rows and columns.
  • Merge - Merge and split table cells.
  • Cell Size - Manage the height and width of table cells.
  • Alignment - Position text within table cells, change the text direction, and set cell margins.
  • Table Size - Manage the height and width of tables.
  • Arrange - Manage the position and orientation of objects on a slide.

Using the tools on the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN and TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tabs, you can produce tables that suit your presentation needs functionally and aesthetically.

Modifying Chart Type

Once inserted, you can easily change the type of your chart.

  1. With the chart selected, select the CHART TOOLS DESIGN tab.
  2. From the Type group, select Change Chart Type.
  3. In the Change Chart Type dialog box, select an option under All Charts, and then further customize the chart with the options on top.
  4. To change the chart type, click OK.

Adding Legends to Charts

You can add a legend to a PowerPoint chart.

  1. With the chart selected, click the plus sign (+) icon, the Chart Elements option, to the right of the chart.
  2. Check the Legend check box to display the chart's legend.