Organizing a Presentation in Sections

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Organizing a Presentation in Sections

Organizing a Presentation in Sections

Organizing a presentation in sections helps you keep track of distinct parts of the presentation and different speakers. Rather than use several separate presentations, consider dividing a long presentation into multiple defined segments. Please note that if you are using PowerPoint 2007, sections will not be available.

Adding sections to a presentation:

  1. Ensure that the presentation is in Normal view.Normal View
  2. In the Slides tab, right-click on the first slide you want in the section and select Add Section from the context menu.Add Section in Context Menu
  3. By default, Microsoft PowerPoint names the section "Untitled Section". Rename the section using the instructions which follow.Untitled Section

Inserting Section Headers

To rename a section:

  1. Right-click on the section name and select Rename Section from the context menu.Rename Section
  2. Enter a new name in the Section name field. Section Name Field
  3. Click Rename.

Watch and follow along as your instructor walks you through the different section commands.