Adding Transitions to Slides

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Adding Transitions to Slides

Adding Transitions to Slides

Adding transitions to slides can provide additional visual interest and variation in your presentation.

To add transitions to a slide:

  1. On the TRANSITIONS tab, in the Transition to This Slide group, click the down arrow to reveal the transitions gallery. (In PowerPoint 2007, these options are on the Animations tab.)

    There are three categories of transitions (in PowerPoint 2007, these categories differ):

    • Subtle
    • Exciting
    • Dynamic Content
  2. Select the transition to add to your slide. The transition is applied to the slide that is highlighted in the Slides tab.
  3. After you apply a transition to a slide, an icon below the slide number indicates the presence of the transition.
  4. On the TRANSITIONS tab, click Preview to preview the transition.

Adding Multiple Transitions

You can add different transitions to your slides. Select each slide and add a transition to each one.

Modifying Transition Options

You can change the options for the transitions that you add to slides.

  1. With the slide containing the transition selected, select the TRANSITIONS slide.
  2. In the Transition to This Slide group, select Effect Options.
  3. This drop-down contains different effects pertaining to the selected transition. Select an option to modify the transition.