Accessing Different Views of a Presentation

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Accessing Different Views of a Presentation

Accessing Different Views of a Presentation

PowerPoint provides four views for working with presentations. You can change between these views using the commands on the VIEW tab in the Presentation Views group:View Tab Presentation Views Group

  1. Normal - The default view when working with a slide.Normal View
  2. Outline View - Displays only the text of your slides; use it to create an outline of your presentation (not an option in this group in PowerPoint 2007/2010). Outline View
  3. Slide Sorter - A view of all slides in the presentation.Slide Sorter View
  4. Notes Page - A view of the selected slide and its associated speaker notes.Notes Page View
  5. Reading View - A full-screen preview of your presentation contained within the main application window. Reading View

Changing the View to Grayscale

You may want to change your presentation view from color to grayscale. It is useful to view your presentation in grayscale if you are going to print black and white printouts or if your audience might do so.

To view your presentation in grayscale:

  1. Select the VIEW tab of the Ribbon.
  2. In the Color/Grayscale group, select Grayscale, or select Black and White to view your presentation in black and white. View Tab Color/Grayscale Group
  3. To change the view back to Color, select Back To Color View from the GRAYSCALE or BLACK AND WHITE tab. Back to Color View

Changing Page Setup Options

On the VIEW tab, you can set page setup options for your presentation.

From the Zoom group, select Zoom and then in the Zoom dialog box, select a Zoom to option and click OK.

Zoom Dialog Box