Work with Calendar Items

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Work with Calendar Items

Work with Calendar Items

Forward an Item

To forward a calendar item:

  1. Open the calendar item.
  2. From the Respond group of the MEETING tab, select Respond.
  3. Select Forward.
  4. Enter the To information and click Send.

You can work with calendar items and customize your calendar.

Add Color to Your Calendar

To add color to your calendar items:

  1. In Calendar view, select an item.
  2. Select the VIEW tab and in the Color group, click Color.
  3. Select a color to apply.

Set Item Importance

To set importance to a calendar item, within Calendar view, select the item and on the CALENDAR ITEMS MEETING tab, from the Tags group, select Private, Low Importance, or High Importance.

Configure a Reminder

To configure a calendar item reminder:

  1. Select the calendar item.
  2. On the CALENDAR ITEMS MEETING tab, from the Options group, select Reminder.
  3. Select a time before the item occurs to be reminded.

Search Your Calendar

To search your calendar:

  1. Make sure you are in Calendar view.
  2. Enter a search term in the upper-right Search Calendar dialog box, and then press Enter.
  3. Calendar items that meet the criteria are returned.

Share Meeting Notes

You can use Microsoft OneNote 2013 to take and share meeting notes.

To share meeting notes:

  1. From within the meeting item, on the MEETING tab, in the Meeting Notes group, click Meeting Notes.
  2. Open shared meeting notes or take your own.
  3. Select a OneNote location and click OK.
  4. Enter your meeting notes.
  5. From within OneNote, select the FILE tab and in the Info section, click Settings and select Share.
  6. Enter email information of those who you want to share the notes with, a personal message if you desire, and click Share.