Scheduling a Meeting - Exercise

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Scheduling a Meeting - Exercise

Scheduling a Meeting

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will schedule a meeting.

  1. Create a meeting invitation, inviting your instructor to a half-hour meeting with you tomorrow at 2:00 PM in your classroom, to discuss what you have learned in class.
  2. Send the meeting invitation.


  1. Go to your Calendar view by selecting Calendar in the Navigation Pane. Navigation Pane Calendar
  2. On the HOME tab, in the New group, click New Meeting and select New Meeting. New Meeting
  3. Enter your instructor's email address in the To field, and press Tab. To Field
  4. Enter a subject related to meeting to discuss the class. Subject Field
  5. Press Tab to move to the location field, and enter "Classroom" as the location. Location Field
  6. Use the Start time and End time drop-down options to select tomorrow's date, from 2:00 to 2:30 PM. Start and End Times
  7. Click Send. Send Button