Change Your Calendar View

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Change Your Calendar View

Change Your Calendar View

You can set the Outlook calendar to a view that suits your needs.

Outlook Calendar

To change the Outlook Calendar View:

  1. If not already in your Calendar, select Calendar in the Navigation Pane. Calendar in Navigation Pane
  2. While in your Outlook Calendar, on the Calendar Ribbon HOME tab, locate the Arrange group. Arrange Group
  3. Select one of the following options: Day, Work Week, Week, Month, or Schedule View.

The view of each group is as follows:

  1. Day: Displays the currently selected day only.
  2. Work Week: Displays Monday-Friday.
  3. Week: Displays Sunday-Saturday.
  4. Month: Displays the current month. You can use the drop-down list to specify the level of detail displayed.
  5. Schedule View: Displays multiple calendars in one view, making it easy for you to see others' availability and schedule meetings accordingly.

To change your view in Outlook 2007, click the view buttons at the top of the calendar.