Creating and Sending a New Message - Exercise

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Creating and Sending a New Message - Exercise

Creating and Sending a New Message

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will create and send a new Outlook message.

  1. Create a new message to your instructor, asking a question about class.
  2. Check your message's spelling and grammar.
  3. When your message is complete, send it to your instructor.


  1. On the Mail Ribbon, on the HOME tab, from the New group, click the New Items drop-down arrow. New Items
  2. Select E-mail Message. E-mail Message
  3. In the To field, enter your instructor's email address. To Field
  4. Press Tab twice to move your cursor to the Subject field.
  5. Enter a subject. Subject Field
  6. Press Tab to move the cursor to the message body area, and type your message. Message Body
  7. On the Message Ribbon, select the REVIEW tab.
  8. In the Proofing group, select Spelling and Grammar.
  9. The Spelling and Grammar dialog box launches. Spelling and Grammar Dialog Box
  10. Using the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, check for spelling and grammar issues by selecting the options on the right. Spelling and Grammar Dialog Box
  11. When the Spelling check is complete. message box appears, click OK. Spelling Check Complete Message
  12. Click Send in the message header. Send Button