Add an Attachment

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Add an Attachment

Add an Attachment

You may want to attach a file to a message that you have created.

To add an attachment to a message:

  1. While in the new message window, on the Message Ribbon, in the Include group, select Attach File. Attach File
  2. In the Insert File dialog box that appears, navigate to the location of the file. Insert File Dialog Box
  3. Select the file by clicking it. Its name will now appear in the File Name text box. Insert File Dialog Box
  4. Select Insert. Insert File Dialog Box
  5. The file now appears in the message, and is visible in the Attached field. Attached Field
  6. Set an Attachment Reminder

    One of the new features in Outlook 2013 is the Attachment Reminder feature. Outlook 2013 can detect if you intend to attach a document and, if you do not, it will alert you.

    In the following email, you will notice an attachment is mentioned, and then Send was selected; however, no attachment was added to the message.

    Attachment Reminder