Overview of the Outlook Interface

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Overview of the Outlook Interface

Overview of the Outlook Interface

The Outlook interface can be customized based on your preferences and needs. First, however, it is important to understand the different sections that show up by default in Outlook. They are highlighted in the following graphic:

Outlook Interface

The highlighted areas are as follows:

  1. Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access toolbar is a small toolbar which includes commonly used commands and is always accessible. By default, the Quick Access Toolbar is located in the upper-left corner of Outlook.
  2. Ribbon. The Ribbon contains frequently used commands, organized for easy access.
  3. Navigation Pane. The Navigation Pane allows easy navigation of Outlook items, and changes depending on what view you are in. For example, when in your Calendar, you will see a different Navigation Pane than when you are in the Mail view.
  4. Message list. The message list lists your email messages.
  5. Reading Pane. The Reading Pane shows a preview of the selected message.
  6. To-Do Bar. The To-Do Bar shows your Calendar and items flagged for follow-up.
  7. Peek. Peek is a new feature to Outlook 2013, and it allows you to quickly preview the different Outlook elements by hovering your mouse over each element.

New Features of the Outlook 2013 Interface

In Outlook 2013, you can quickly view all or only unread messages in your message list.

All Unread Feature

You can see a preview of your messages in your message list.

Message List

Hover over any of the Peek text at the bottom of the message list to see a quick view of that element.

Peek Text