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Webucator's Free Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013 Tutorial

Welcome to our free Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013 tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013 course.
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Microsoft Outlook 2013 is an email program that you can use to manage email messages, schedule meetings, manage your calendar, and save and work with contacts.
To get started working with Outlook 2013, you will need to know how to first set up an email account in Outlook, as well as how to open, reply to, print, and delete email messages.
You can enhance your email messages and improve their quality by editing and spell checking them, as well as adding attachments and hyperlinks.
Using Microsoft Outlook 2013's Calendar allows you to: Schedule meetings with colleagues. Let colleagues know when you are available to meet. Schedule and keep track of appointments.
Using Microsoft Outlook 2013's contacts feature is a good way to keep track and organize contact information of colleagues.