Freezing Panes

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Freezing Panes

Freezing Panes

Freezing panes is a way of making one or more rows or columns stay at the top or left of your worksheet as you scroll through the worksheet. A common use of freezing panes is to keep a header row in view as you scroll through a large worksheet.

In the following example, notice that the top row includes labels for each column:Top Row Visible

After scrolling down in the worksheet, however, the top row is not visible:Top Row Not Visible

In the following image, the top row is frozen, so the labels are visible even after scrolling down in the worksheet:Top Row Frozen

To freeze panes in a Microsoft Excel worksheet:

  1. On the VIEW tab, in the Window group, click the Freeze Panes command.Freeze Panes in Window Group of View Tab
  2. Select Freeze Panes to freeze the rows above and the columns to the left of the selected cell.
  3. Select Freeze Top Row to freeze the top row only.
  4. Select Freeze First Column to freeze the first column only.

Freeze Panes Options