Copying Formulas and Functions

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Copying Formulas and Functions

Copying Formulas and Functions

Formulas can be copied from one cell to other cells in Excel. To copy formulas in Excel:

  1. Select the cell which contains the formula you wish to copy.
  2. On the HOME tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Copy command.
  3. Select the cell into which you wish to copy the formula.
  4. On the HOME tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste command.

Another way to copy formulas is by using Autofill, or dragging the Fill Handle in the cell containing the formula to the other cell or cells in which you wish to copy the formula. Autofill, which was introduced earlier in this course, is especially useful for copying formulas.

To use Autofill to copy formulas:

  1. Enter a formula in one cell:
  2. Click on the Fill Handle, which is located in the bottom right cell of the selected cells:
  3. Drag the Fill Handle for as many rows or columns as desired:
  4. Release the mouse to enter the formula into the desired cells:

Displaying Formulas

When working with formulas, if you wish to display the formula within its associated cell in a worksheet, in Excel 2013, select the FORMULA tab and in the Formula Auditing group, select Show Formulas.

You can toggle this option on and off by selecting and de-selecting this option.