Open a Workbook - Exercise

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Open a Workbook - Exercise

Open a Workbook

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will practice opening Microsoft Excel workbooks from the File menu.

  1. Using the FILE menu, open My First Workbook.xlsx from the Excel2013.1/Exercises folder.
  2. Close My First Workbook.xlsx.
  3. Open My First Workbook.xlsx from the FILE menu, using a different method than you used the first time.
  4. Close My First Workbook.xlsx.


  1. File > Open
    1. FILE > Open
    2. Navigate to Excel2013.1/Exercises.
    3. Select My First Workbook.xlsx and click the Open button.
  2. FILE > Recent
    1. FILE > Recent
    2. Click Recent Workbooks (in Excel 2013) and click the My First Workbook.xlsx workbook.