Introduction to the Backstage View

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Introduction to the Backstage View

Introduction to the Backstage View

The Ribbon, covered in the prior lesson, is where you find all the commands necessary to make changes to your worksheets. Clicking on the tabs in the Ribbon changes the set of commands available to you while you work in your worksheet. After clicking on the File menu, you can no longer see your worksheet or the Ribbon. Instead, you see what Microsoft calls the Backstage view. This is where you:

  1. Manage your current workbook and other workbooks (Save, Open, Close, Print, etc.).
  2. See information about your current workbook (Permissions, Location, Size, Date Last Modified, Author, etc.).
  3. Manage your Excel settings and options (User Interface Options, number of sheets in new workbbooks, customize the Ribbon, etc.)

Please note that there is no FILE menu or Backstage view in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Backstage View

Many of the features of the Backstage view are covered in our intermediate and advanced Microsoft Excel classes. Only those that are essential to working with Microsoft Excel are covered in this class.