Using AutoComplete

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Using AutoComplete

Using AutoComplete

When you are typing data into a list, Microsoft Excel will attempt to guess what you intend to type based on the data in the cells above the one in which you are typing. The example below illustrates this. Only the letter "B" has been typed into cell A4. Excel is guessing that the user intends to type "Ball":Auto Complete

If the user does intend to enter "Ball", he or she can press Enter as soon as Excel has correctly guessed.

Things to be aware or regarding the AutoComplete feature:

  1. If there are multiple words in a list starting with the same letter, Excel won't guess until enough letters have been typed that only one match remains:Auto Complete
  2. If there is an empty cell in the middle of a list, Excel will assume the data above and below the empty cell constitute different lists, and AutoComplete will not recognize words from the other list:Auto Complete