Managing Comments

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Managing Comments

Managing Comments

You can add comments to worksheets and manage them in Excel using the Comments group of the REVIEW tab of the Ribbon.

Adding Comments

To add a comment in Excel:

  1. Click where you want to add the comment.
  2. From the REVIEW tab, in the Comments group, select New Comment. New Comment in Comments Group of Review Tab
  3. Type your comment. Typed Comment
  4. You will notice that Excel alerts you to the fact that there is an inserted comment with a triangular icon. New Comment Triangular Icon

Working with Comments

To work with comments in Excel, use the options on the REVIEW tab, in the Comments group:

  1. To move through the comments, select the Previous and Next options. Previous and Next Options
  2. To delete a comment that is selected, select Delete. Delete Comment
  3. To show or hide the text of a comment, select Show/Hide Comment. Show or Hide Comment
  4. To show the text of all comments, select Show All Comments. Show All Comments