JavaScript and the HTML DOM

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JavaScript and the HTML DOM

The Name "JavaScript"

In this course, we refer to the language we are learning as JavaScript, which is what it is usually called. However, JavaScript was invented by Netscape Communications and is now owned by Oracle Corporation. Microsoft calls its version of the language JScript. JavaScript and JScript are both implementations of EcmaScript, but everyone still refers to the language as JavaScript.


The HTML Document Object Model (DOM) is the browser's view of an HTML page as an object hierarchy, starting with the browser window itself and moving deeper into the page, including all of the elements on the page and their attributes. Below is a simplified version of the HTML DOM.


As shown, the top-level object is window. The document object is a child of window and all the objects (i.e, elements or nodes) that appear on the page (e.g, forms, links, images, tables, etc.) are descendants of the document object. These objects can have children of their own. For example, form objects generally have several child objects, including textboxes, radio buttons, and select menus.

JavaScript Syntax

Basic Rules

  1. JavaScript statements end with semi-colons.
  2. JavaScript is case sensitive.
  3. JavaScript has two forms of comments:
    • Single-line comments begin with a double slash (//).
    • Multi-line comments begin with "/*" and end with "*/".


// This is a single-line comment

	This is
	a multi-line