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Webucator's Free JavaScript Tutorial

Welcome to our free JavaScript tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Introduction to JavaScript Training course.
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In this lesson, you will get started with JavaScript basics.
In this lesson, you will learn about variables, arrays, and operators.
In this lesson, you will learn how to work with JavaScript functions.
JavaScript has some predefined, built-in objects that enable you to work with Strings and Dates and perform mathematical operations.
In this lesson, you will learn how to work with conditionals and loops.
In this lesson, you will learn how to work with event handlers.
The HTML Document Object Model (DOM) is a W3C standard that defines a set of HTML objects and their methods and properties. JavaScript can be used to access, to create, and to destroy these objects, to invoke their methods, and to manipulate their properties. A subset of the object hierarchy is shown below: This lesson is concerned with the different ways of identifying and manipulating document nodes. While we have looked at some of these features in previous lessons, we present them here together for completeness.
We can use JavaScript to both retrieve information about an element's CSS styles and to set those styles programmatically.
JavaScript provides several methods for catching and handing errors, the most useful of which is trycatch/finally.