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Welcome to our free JavaScript tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Introduction to JavaScript Training course.

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Lesson 1: JavaScript Basics

In this lesson, we'll learn about the core functionality of the JavaScript language.

Lesson 2: Variables, Arrays and Operators

In this lesson, we'll learn about defining and using JavaScript variables, the different types of variables you can use, and the operators you can use upon them.

Lesson 3: JavaScript Functions

Functions are an important aspect of any programming language as they enable you to separate out your code into logical units that perform a specific task. There are also many predefined functions that JavaScript provides to work with Strings, Numbers, Objects, and more.

Lesson 4: Built-In JavaScript Objects

JavaScript has many predefined, built-in objects that enable you to work with Strings and Dates, and perform mathematical operations. In this lesson we'll learn to use the String, Math and Dave objects.

Lesson 5: Conditionals and Loops

Iterating over a block of code helps us write shorter JavaScript programs. In this lesson we'll learn about the various loops in JavaScript and how to loop over the elements in an array.

Lesson 6: JavaScript Form Validation

Performing client-side validation is not only good practice, but is better for your users. This allows the user to correct any mistakes before submitting a form to your web server. Making it less likely that they will have to reload the form and submit it again.

Lesson 7: Images, Windows and Timers

We'll cover image rollovers, opening new browser windows, and setting timers to call JavaScript code at a set time in the future or on a set interval.

Lesson 8: Navigator, History, and Location Objects

In this lesson we'll learn about JavaScript's capabilities that are beyond the HTML DOM.

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