Using the Chrome DevTools "Elements" and "Console" Panels - Exercise

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Using the Chrome DevTools "Elements" and "Console" Panels - Exercise

Using the Chrome DevTools "Elements" and "Console" Panels

Duration: 5 to 15 minutes.
  1. Open DebuggingTestingChrome/Exercises/elements-console.html in a browser and in a code editor to review the code.
  2. This page - a modified version of the example code we looked at earlier - is designed to set the text of the "George" list item to red when the user clicks the "Set George Red" link; however the code does not work as intended.
  3. Note that we use beatle.setAttribute("id", prop); to set an id for each list item as we iterate over the array to build our ordered list.
  4. Use the Chrome DevTools "Elements" and "Console" panels to help you diagnose and fix the error.


<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>JavaScript Loops</title>
	var index;
	var beatles = [];
	beatles["Guitar1"] = "John";
	beatles["Bass"] = "Paul";
	beatles["Guitar2"] = "George";
	beatles["Drums"] = "Ringo";

	window.onload = function() {
		for (var prop in beatles) {
			var beatle = document.createElement("li");
			beatle.setAttribute("id", prop);
			var textnode = document.createTextNode(prop + " : " + beatles[prop]);


		document.getElementById("redgeorge").addEventListener("click", function() {
	    	return false;
<h1>JavaScript Debugging</h1>
<ol id="beatles">
<div class="buttons">
		<li><a href="#" id="redgeorge">Set George Red</a></li>

Code Explanation

The issue here is that the event handler for a user click on the "Set George Red" link references the wrong id: instead of setting the element with id Guitar2 to be red, we (wrongly) set the element with id Guitar1 to be red.

We can use the Chrome DevTools in a couple of ways to help us in our task of finding the bug in the code. First, we might have used the "Elements" console to quickly scan the ids of the list items:

Chrome Elements panel

and seeing that the "George" list item has id Guitar2. We might also have used console.log(beatles) to list the elements of our array, to compare the indices of our array against the ids we see in the "Elements" panel:

Chrome Console panel

Of course, we don't really need the DevTools here - we could have gone through the source of our code, rather than reviewing it in the browser and inspecting via DevTools - to find and fix the bug. But because DevTools makes it so easy to inspect DOM elements and view collections like arrays in the console, DevTools is often the preferred method of debugging, especially as your JavaScript code gets more complicated.


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