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The Math object is a built-in static object. The Math object's properties and methods are accessed directly (e.g., Math.PI) and are used for performing complex math operations. Some common math properties and methods are shown below:

Common Math Properties
Property Description
Math.PI The value of Pi (Value of Pi)
Math.PI; //3.141592653589793
Math.SQRT2 Square root of 2.
Math.SQRT2; //1.4142135623730951
Common Math Methods
Method Description
Math.abs(number) Absolute value of number.
Math.abs(-12); //Returns 12
Math.ceil(number) number rounded up.
Math.ceil(5.4); //Returns 6
Math.floor(number) number rounded down.
Math.floor(5.6); //Returns 5
Math.max(numbers) Highest Number in numbers.
Math.max(2, 5, 9, 3); //Returns 9
Math.min(numbers) Lowest Number in numbers.
Math.min(2, 5, 9, 3); //Returns 2
Math.pow(number, power) number to the power of power.
Math.pow(2, 5); //Returns 32
Math.round(number) Rounded number.
Math.round(2.5); //Returns 3
Math.random() Random number between 0 and 1.
//Returns random
//number from 0 to 1

You can see these examples in a browser by opening BuiltInObjects/Demos/MathPropertiesAndMethods.html.

Method for Generating Random Integers

Because Math.random() returns a decimal value greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1, we can use the following code to return a random integer between low and high, inclusively:

var low = 1;
var high = 10;
var rndDec = Math.random();
var rndInt = Math.floor(rndDec * (high - low + 1) + low);

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